Disney Kids Outfit Inspo


I have been scouring the internet looking for the cutest outfits for Ellie to wear on our trip to Disney World. We are going in November, so the weather is really a mystery. It could be chilly one day, and hot the next, so I really want some layering pieces! I have gathered some cute pieces that I have found, to help you on your next family trip to Disney World or Land! I have added stuff for boys and girls!  Hope you like them!

H & M

These are all Minnie and Mickey Mouse Options!

Minnie Mouse Overall  Dress

Bib Overall Dress and Top - Light denim blue/Minnie Mouse - | H&M US

Minnie Mouse Raincoat

Hooded Jacket - Black/Minnie Mouse - Kids | H&M US 3

Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt

Stand-up-collar Sweatshirt - Powder pink/Mickey Mouse - Kids | H&M US 2

Minnie Mouse Dress

Bib Overall Dress and Top - Lt. gray melange/Minnie Mouse - Kids | H&M US

Mickey Mouse Shorts Outfit

3-piece Jersey Set - Dark blue/Mickey Mouse - Kids | H&M US

Mickey Mouse Bodysuit

2-pack Cotton Jumpsuits - Dark gray/Mickey Mouse - Kids | H&M US

Mickey Mouse Sweatsuit

Sweatshirt and Pants - Black/Mickey Mouse - Kids | H&M US

Sequin Minnie Sweater outfit

Dress and Leggings - Dk. gray melange/Minnie Mouse - Kids | H&M US

Sparkle Fur Lined High Top Shoes

Glittery High Tops - Glittery pink/Minnie Mouse - Kids | H&M US

Minnie Mouse Body Suit

2-pack Cotton Jumpsuits - Red/Minnie Mouse - Kids | H&M US

You can find so many more cute options at H&M

Gap Kids

Gap Kids has so many Star Wars options! We bought this jean jacket for Ellie to wear when we go to Hollywood Studios!

Jedi Jean Jacket

babyGap | Star Wars™ Icon Denim Jacket

Star Wars Cardigan Sweater

babyGap | Star Wars™ Cardi Sweater

Little Rebel Sweater

babyGap | Star Wars™ Sweater

Minnie Mouse Sweater

babyGap | Disney Minnie Mouse Sweater

Minnie Mouse Hooded Sweater

babyGap | Disney Minnie Mouse Brannan Sweater

Rapunzel Dress

babyGap | Disney Rapunzel Dress

There are a few more cute options at GapKids!!



H&M Fall Baby Clothing Guide

Well Fall is officially upon us, and let me tell you, I am NOT ready! We still have not stocked up Elliott’s closet with warm clothes, my closet is running bare, BUT my husband is over here wearing shorts and a t-shirt. SO I have been looking at my usual baby clothing stores and I have found nothing. Everything I find is to cartoon-y and childish. I realize how weird that sounds, “to childish” for baby clothes, but if you are a mom, you know what I am talking about. I came across H&M’s website, and realized that they have some CUTE, stylish kids clothing! I will definitely being doing most of my fall shopping for Ellie there!

I wanted to show you guys just SOME of the thousand options that they have! No joke they have over a thousand options for boys and girls! Just wait until you see how cute they are!


Pink and White Collar Sweater

Fine-knit Sweater with Collar - Powder pink/white - Kids | H&M US

Fleece Lined Boots

Warm-lined Boots - Taupe - Kids | H&M US

Deer Sweater and Pants

Two Toned Sweater and Pants

Sweater and Pants - Powder pink - | H&M US

Plaid Red Dress

Butterfly-sleeved Dress - Red/plaid - Kids | H&M US

Fleece Jacket and Pants

Fleece Jacket and Pants - Light gray melange - Kids | H&M US

Padded Jacket

Padded Jacket - Light khaki green - Kids | H&M US

Basic Knit Leggings

2-pack Leggings - Brown melange/dark brown - | H&M US

Cable-Knit Sweater

Cable-knit Sweater - Light pink - Kids | H&M US

Gold Short Set

3-piece Set - Powder pink/rose gold-colored - Kids | H&M US



Cardigan Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt Cardigan - Light gray melange - Kids | H&M US

Hedgehog Sweater and Joggers

Cotton Sweater and Joggers - Light beige/hedgehogs - | H&M US

Lined High-Tops

Pile-lined High Tops - Beige - Kids | H&M US

Cotton Button Up Shirt

Cotton Shirt - White/animals - Kids | H&M US

Sweater and Pants

Sweater and Pants - Dark blue/light brown - Kids | H&M US

Hooded Puff Jacket

Hooded Down Jacket - Khaki green - Kids | H&M US

Cotton Joggers 3-Pack

3-pack Cotton Joggers - Black - Kids | H&M US

Padded Jacket

Padded Jacket - Gray melange - Kids | H&M US

Oh my! How cute were those? Which one was your favorite? We ordered that Gold Short set for Elliott to wear this fall! I am going to pair it with her fringe boots,  she is going to look so cute!

The other great thing about this pieces, is that H&M has some affordable prices, so you don’t have to break the bank this fall! They also have sales throughout the season too! The only downside, is that most of these styles are online exclusives only, but as a busy mother, online shopping is my jam!  If you want to check out more of their thousands of style, head to H&M.Com




How to treat diaper rashes naturally!

Nothing breaks a mother’s heart more than when my little one has a painful diaper rash. I wanted to find a way to quickly treat my daughters diaper rash, so that she can be comfortable and happy again. After some research I found three ways to naturally treat diaper rash.

Helpful tips:

(These tips come from the site “Baby List“)

It’s best to head off diaper rash before it happens and take action as soon as you see any sign of it. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Change diapers often to avoid long contact with moisture.
  • Apply diaper cream at every diaper change to create a protective barrier that keeps moisture out.
  • Treat diaper rashes with cream at the first sign to soothe and calm raging red skin.
  • Go diaper free for a really uncomfortable rash (this can get messy, but sometimes a bare bottom is necessary).

Homemade Diaper Wipes

The amount of wipes you want to make will dictate the amount of baby wash and water you use. I start by mixing the water and baby wash in the container. I then place the rags one by one, into the soapy water, making sure the rags soak up all of the water. I will then pour more water over the rags, and put the lid on the container. Now you have homemade diaper wipes.

I suggest using baby wash that is delicate in skin, and fragrance free. Using regular rags will irritate your little ones bottom so it’s important that you use baby rags, because they are softer on their skin. I also use warm water to make the rags, but that is just personal preference.

Cooling spray

This is a simple, quick way to make a cooking mist, that you can spray on your babies bottom after cleaning them up. Just give two sprays in the little ones diaper area, and they will feel instant relief.

In your misting bottle, put about 20 drops of Lavender essential oil, and fill it the rest of the way with water. Lavender helps heal and soothe the skin, especially when your little one has diaper rash.

Diaper Cream

This isn’t really something to make. But it’s just some of my favorite natural diaper cream.

  • DoTerra Diaper Cream
  • Earth Mama Organics Bottom Balm
  • Boudreaux Butt Paste
  • Honest Diaper Rash Cream