Introducing Me

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Alyssia Okular, and I started Everything Will Be Okular two months after having my daughter, Elliott Grace. I have always enjoyed telling a story, and I figured why not tell my story of motherhood. My husband, Cory, and I have been married since 2017. Cory is a straight up worrier, where as I am more relaxed. So I am constantly telling him that everything will be ok. Thus, giving birth to my blog name!

My Mission

So what is my goal for Everything Will Be Okular? My hope is to give mothers an honest story of motherhood, and provide mothers with different options to make motherhood easier. I also hope to inspire other mothers to follow their dreams, and understand that just because we are mothers, does not mean we aren’t allowed to follow our dreams, travel, and be bad-ass!

What will I talk about?

I will talk just about everything! I feel like we try to shield mothers from the not so pretty side of pregnancy and motherhood, so that when a mom is struggling with anything, she starts to feel guilty and doubt herself. I will try to be as open and honest as possible so that other mothers and new mothers, feel like they have someone in their corner who understands them!

I am here for you momma!