The New Year is in full swing. Way back in my younger days, I would have made, and broke my New Year Resolution by now. But this year I have decided to take a different approach to my “resolutions” and that is how I came up with my “Goals for 2019.” Something just really feels different about this year, and I have so much motivation to do things I have always wanted to do. So here they are, my goals for 2019.

My first goal, and the goal that almost all of my other goals relate to, is to FIND MY HAPPINESS. 2017 and 2018 were good years, I graduated college, we moved to Raleigh, I started my career, got married, got pregnant, bought a house, had a baby and here were are. SO MUCH happened to us in the last two years, and now it seems that life has slowed down a little. Now don’t get me wrong each of these things make me happy, and I know that I am extremely blessed, but somewhere along the way I lost my happiness. Between work, and big life changes, stress seemed to take over my everyday. Recently, thanks to the birth of my daughter and the start of my blog, my fire has been reignited! So in 2019 I will continue to surround myself with people, things, and experiences that continue to light passion. For way too long I allowed other people to create my happiness, well NO MORE. I DETERMINE my own happiness, so look out world, I am coming for you.

So in 2019 I will continue to surround myself with people, things, and experiences that continue to light passion.

In order to find my happiness, I want to surround myself with wonderful people, and thankfully I am already surrounded by some pretty AMAZING people. But I want to meet MORE people. So in 2019, my goal is to meet at least one new person a week, even if it is just through social media. Sometimes I can be really outgoing, and I will talk to just about anyone. I want to be that person more often! I really like that person, she is always happy and smiling. SO if you have not talked directly to me yet, please leave a comment, start a conversation with me, I would love to meet you!

Another goal I have for 2019 is to travel more, even if it is just around the East Coast. Now that we live in Raleigh we are within an eight hour radius of SO MANY places! We are grabbing this goal by the horns. We have already traveled to the mountains in Boone, NC earlier this month, and this weekend (February 1st) we are driving down to Savannah, GA for a short weekend. Even though she is only three months old, I want my daughter to experience all the beauty of the world, and we will start with the United States. We have two other trips planned for this year, Orlando and The Outer Banks, both place I have been before but Elliott has not. I REALLY want to go to Nashville, Gatlinburg, D.C, and Hilton Head this year as well, so we will see!

New Orleans 2018

My last goal for 2019, is to continue growing my blog. I know a lot of people start blogs, and it only lasts a couple months and they forget about it. But I really want to make it to my “first birthday”. I started this blog as a hobby, and a way to offer my advice and insight about all things motherhood, and life. I plan to keep blogging a hobby, for now. I have had so much fun writing blog posts, posting on Instagram and connecting with other bloggers. Bloggers are probably some of the nicest people! I hope to maybe one day meet some of the bloggers I follow! As I grow and reach new stages in motherhood, I know I will have so many fun stories.

SO there they are, my goals, I know they are pretty big goals but like they always say “Go big or go home!” I hope you follow me on my journey to find and maintain my happiness . Leave me a comment and tell me your goals for 2019!

Here’s to you 2019, you mysterious minx!

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